Official news about, and announcements from, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Thursday Apr 28, 2016

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics have launched an $8 million partnership to fuel the research of Asimina Arvanitaki, one of the world’s top emerging theoretical particle physicists. 

Roger Melko and Freddy Cachazo

Thursday Apr 21, 2016

Freddy Cachazo and Roger Melko receive honours from the Canadian Association of Physicists for work in quantum fields and condensed matter.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

A half-day conference at Perimeter brought 200 high school girls eyeing a future in STEM together with successful women at all stages of their careers.

Friday Apr 15, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the work being done at Perimeter and in Canada’s “Quantum Valley” is vital to the future of the country and the world.

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016

Extended research visits aim to spark new collaborations and ideas across disciplines – and boost support for women scientists at a crucial stage of their careers.

Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

The 2016 Federal Budget presented in Ottawa pledges continued investment in Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. 

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

Five of Canada’s leading science outreach organizations will deliver Innovation150, a cross-country celebration of Canadian ingenuity, throughout 2017.

Friday Mar 04, 2016

Neil Turok wins prestigious Tate Medal from the American Institute of Physics, donates prize money to African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Thursday Feb 25, 2016

The 2016 provincial budget, tabled in Toronto on February 25, commits to continued investment in Perimeter Institute’s scientific research, training, and educational outreach activities.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Despite making up the vast majority of stuff in our universe, dark matter remains invisible. But perhaps it’s not inaudible.

Black holes collide, and generate gravitational waves

Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Evidence of “ripples in spacetime” detected by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration marks the dawn of gravitational wave astronomy, say Perimeter researchers.

black hole simulation

Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

Einstein's theory of general relativity may soon be put to the ultimate test through measurements of a black hole's shadow, says a pair of Perimeter researchers. 

Monday Jan 11, 2016

Perimeter researchers show how the largest possible structure – the curvature of the universe as a whole – can be used as a lens onto the smallest objects observable today, elementary particles.

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Perimeter researchers Flavio Mercati, Elliot Nelson, and Niayesh Afshordi have won first and third places in the second annual Buchalter Cosmology Prize competition. 

Friday Dec 18, 2015

To celebrate the centenary year of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Emmy Noether’s development of her eponymous theorems, the latest issue of Inside the Perimeter examines and celebrates science past, present, and future.

Monday Dec 14, 2015

Perimeter takes a look back at an illuminating year of science. 

Black hole simulation

Thursday Dec 03, 2015

The international EHT research team, including Perimeter's Avery Broderick, has measured for the first time the magnetic fields that contribute to black hole growth.

Thursday Nov 26, 2015

Running sophisticated simulations on a powerful supercomputer, an international research team has glimpsed the unique turbulence that fuels stellar explosions.

Jaron Lanier makes a tetrahedron with his fingers.

Monday Nov 16, 2015

Perimeter talks with virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier about “fashionable” science, the problems with money, and whether we should make math physical.

Friday Nov 06, 2015

Sean Begy, a first-year science student at Queens University, has won this year’s Luke Santi Award for Student Achievement.

Friday Nov 06, 2015

Ontario’s Ministry of Education and Perimeter Institute have launched a project to reach more of Ontario’s youth, including those in underserviced areas, through expanded Perimeter programming.

Monday Nov 02, 2015

New elementary school outreach program starts with a guided tour of the cosmos.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

Physics has lost a true pioneer as well as a friend and inspiration to many in Leo Kadanoff, whose insights helped shape our modern understanding of nature. 

Monday Oct 19, 2015

Emmy Noether Fellow Sarah Shandera finds the best response to lingering inequality in science is to ditch the anger and funnel that energy into her work.

Nobel Prize medal

Tuesday Oct 06, 2015

Perimeter Institute congratulates Board member Arthur B. McDonald on winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.