Matilde Marcolli

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University of Toronto - Department of Mathematics

Areas of Research:
Phone: (519) 569-7600 x6040

Research Interests

Mathematical Physics, Geometry, Mathematical Models for Cosmology, Computational Linguistics, Mathematical Models for Neuroscience


  • PIRSA:17030049, Arithmetic Structures in Spectral Models of Gravity, 2017-03-03, Colloquium
  • PIRSA:15090060, Spectral Action Models of Gravity and Packed Swiss Cheese Cosmology, 2015-09-12, Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
  • PIRSA:15050066, A motivic approach to Potts models, 2015-05-29, Geometry and Physics 2015
  • PIRSA:15050061, Feynman integrals and motives in configuration spaces, 2015-05-28, Geometry and Physics 2015
  • PIRSA:15050057, Colloquium, 2015-05-27, Geometry and Physics 2015
  • PIRSA:15040187, Symbolic dynamics, modular curves, and Bianchi IX cosmologies, 2015-04-23, Cosmology & Gravitation
  • PIRSA:14080002, Algebraic Geometry in Cosmology, 2014-08-07, Cosmology & Gravitation
  • PIRSA:11020110, Spin Foams and Noncommutative Geometry, 2011-02-23, Quantum Gravity
  • PIRSA:11020109, Cosmology and the Poisson summation formula, 2011-02-22, Cosmology & Gravitation