Lena Funcke

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Phd: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 2018

Areas of Research:
Email: lfuncke@perimeterinstitute.ca

Research Interests

Neutrino mass model building, cosmology and astrophysics; CP violation in QCD and the Schwinger model

Positions Held

  • 2015 - 2018, LMU Munich and Max Planck Institute for Physics, PhD, summa cum laude, advisor: Prof. Gia Dvali
  • 2014 - 2015, University of Cambridge, MASt, distinction, advisor: Dr. Alexander Mitov


  • Dieter Rampacher Prize, 2018, Max Planck Society
  • Arnold Sommerfeld PhD Prize, 2018, LMU Munich

Recent Publications

  • Christiane S. Lorenz, Lena Funcke, Erminia Calabrese, Steen Hannestad, Time-varying neutrino mass from a supercooled phase transition: current cosmological constraints and impact on the Omega_m-sigma_8 plane, Phys. Rev. D 99 (2019) 023501, arXiv: 1811.01991 [astro-ph.CO]
  • Gia Dvali, Lena Funcke, Small neutrino masses from gravitational theta-term, Phys. Rev. D 93 (2016) 113002, arXiv: 1602.03191 [hep-ph]
  • Lena Funcke, Karl Jansen, Stefan Kühn, Topological vacuum structure of the Schwinger model with matrix product states, arXiv: 1908.00551 [hep-lat]
  • Lena Funcke, Georg Raffelt, Edoardo Vitagliano, Distinguishing Dirac and Majorana neutrinos by their gravi-majoron decays, arXiv: 1905.01264 [hep-ph]
  • Gia Dvali, Lena Funcke, Domestic Axion, arXiv: 1608.08969 [hep-ph]