Will Percival

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University of Waterloo

Area of Research:

Research Interests

I work in the field of cosmology, using observations to test theoretical models. I focus particularly on galaxy surveys, using the positions of galaxies to measure the cosmological expansion rate and growth of cosmological structure. I use these to constrain Dark Energy, the mechanism responsible for the present-day acceleration in the expansion rate.

Positions Held

  • 2005-2018 Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth, Professor of Cosmology

Recent Publications

  • A. Obuljen, N. Dalal, W.J. Percival, Anisotropic halo assembly bias and redshift-space distortions, 2019, [arXiv: 1906.11823]
  • P. Carter, F. Beutler, W.J. Percival, J. DeRose, R.H. Wechsler, C. Zhao, The Impact of the Fiducial Cosmology Assumption on BAO Cosmological Parameter Inference, 2019, [arXiv: 1906.03035]
  • V. de Sainte Agathe, (18 co-authors including W.J. Percival), Baryon acoustic oscillations at z = 2.34 from the correlations of Ly absorption in eBOSS DR14, 2019, [arXiv: 1904.03400]
  • S. Nadathur, P.M. Carter, W.J. Percival, H.A. Winther, J. Bautista, Beyond BAO: improving cosmological constraints from BOSS with measurement of the void-galaxy cross-correlation, 2019, [arXiv: 1904.01030]
  • E. Castorina, (15 co-authors including W.J. Percival), Redshift-weighted constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from the clustering of the eBOSS DR14 quasars in Fourier space, 2019, [arXiv: 1904.08859]
  • M. Blomqvist, (17 co-authors including W.J. Percival), Baryon acoustic oscillations from the cross-correlation of Ly absorption and quasars in eBOSS DR14, 2019, [arXiv: 1904.03430]
  • D.S.Aguado, (234 co-authors including W.J. Percival), The Fifteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: First Release of MaNGA Derived Quantities, Data Visualization Tools and Stellar Library, 2018, ApJSS 240, 23 [arXiv: 1812.02759]
  • M.S. Wang, W.J. Percival, S. Avila, R. Crittenden, D. Bianchi, Cosmological Inference from Galaxy-Clustering Power Spectrum: Gaussianization and Covariance Decomposition, 2018, MNRAS 486, 951 [arXiv: 1811.08155]
  • T.M.C. Abbott, (167 co-authors including W.J. Percival), Cosmological Constraints from Multiple Probes in the Dark Energy Survey, 2018, PRL, 122, 171301 [arXiv: 1811.02375]
  • A. Smith, (13 co-authors including W.J. Percival), Correcting for Fibre Assignment Incompleteness in the DESI Bright Galaxy Survey, 2019, MNRAS, 484, 1285 [arXiv: 1809.07355]


  • Seminars in the last 12 months at: HIA Victoria Canada, Queens Kingston Canada, SFU Vancouver Canada, OSU Ohio USA, Rochester USA, UBC Vancouver Canada, UVic Victoria Canada
  • CFHT Users Meeting, Montreal Canada, April 2019, invited talk "Cosmology with MSE"
  • Testing Gravity 2019, Vancouver Canada, January 2019, invited talk "Testing gravity and making geometrical measurements using voids"
  • CosKASI (Korea), ICG, NAOC (China) and YITP (Japan) joint workshop, Beijing China, October 2018, invited talk "Modern observational cosmology"
  • "Massively Parallel Large Area Spectroscopy from Space" workshop, Caltech USA, October 2018, invited talk "Cosmological observations"
  • Organiser for the meeting ``Wide-Field Astronomy in Canada'', at PI, October 2018.