Hongbao Zhang

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Beijing Normal University

Area of Research:

I am a theoretical physicist in progress. My final fantasy is to have a consistent unified picture of our own universe in my heart.

What I have been pursuing is to provide a road to reality, which can be specifically divided into two folds: One is to shed some fresh light on those longstanding problems in fundamental physics, and the other is to present an elegant reformulation of those wellknown ingredients in theoretical physics. Both of them need independent but open mind.  So sometimes you will see me pondering on some profound problems such as the arrow of time in front of my desktop, and on other occassions you will see me showing up in front of the blackboard, in communication with others.

Recently Junji Jia and I have come up with cosmic neutrino background as a new test of the Copernican principle.  The intuitive picture underlying this noval proposal is that unlike the cosmic photons, the cosmic massive neutrinos of different energies come from the different places and travel to us along the different worldlines, which definitely brings us extra information on the structure of our universe. However, as you know, it is difficult to detect cosmic neutrino background. So to implement our proposal the larger neutrino telescopes are called for.


 Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China