Aleksander Kubica

Research Interests

My research interests lie within the overlap of quantum information and quantum many-body physics. My recent work has focused on achieving fault-tolerant quantum computation with topological quantum error-correcting codes. I am excited about using numerical techniques and machine learning to solve challenging problems in physics.

Recent Publications

  • T. Jochym-O'Connor, A. Kubica, T. Yoder "Disjointness of Stabilizer Codes and Limitations on Fault-Tolerant Logical Gates", Phys. Rev. X 8, 021047, (2018)
  • A. Kubica, M. Beverland, F. Brandao, J. Preskill, K. Svore, "Three-Dimensional Color Code Thresholds via Statistical-Mechanical Mapping", Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 180501, (2018)
  • A. Kubica, B. Yoshida, "Ungauging quantum error-correcting codes", arXiv: 1805.01836
  • M. Maskara, A. Kubica, T. Jochym-O'Connor, "Advantages of versatile neural-network decoding for topological codes", arXiv: 1802.08680


  • "The disjointness and limitations on fault-tolerant gates", seminar talk, Stanford University, Stanford, USA
  • "Ungauging quantum error-correcting codes", conference talk, Entanglement in Quantum Systems, Florence, Italy
  • "Ungauging quantum error-correcting codes", seminar talk, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA
  • "Advantages of versatile neural-network decoders for topological codes", conference talk, Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Computation, Aspen, USA
  • "Local decoders and thresholds of topological quantum codes beyond two dimensions", seminar talk, University College London, London, UK
  • "Local efficient decoders and optimal thresholds of topological toric and color codes beyond two dimensions", conference talk, QIP'18, Delft, Netherlands
  • "Local decoders and thresholds of topological quantum codes beyond two dimensions", seminar talk, KITP Program: Quantum Physics of Information, Santa Barbara, USA
  • "Local efficient decoders for topological toric and color codes in any dimension", conference talk, QEC'17, College Park, USA