Yutaka Shikano

Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences

Areas of Research:
Email: shikano@th.phys.titech.ac.jp

Yutaka Shikano is now a Ph.D candidate at Tokyo Institute of Technology under the supervision of Akio Hosoya. He got the master degree of science, entitled "Weak Values in Quantum Measurement Theory - Concepts and Applications -", at Tokyo Institute of Technology on March 2009. He joined the Seth Lloyd group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology since the end of July in 2009 for one year and half as the visiting student. His main research interests are quantum foundations, quantum measurement theory (especially, theory of the weak value), quantum control theory, the spectral analysis, quantum error correction, and micro-macro duality (category theory).


Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ph. D student), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (visiting student).