Tensor models and combinatorics of triangulations in dimensions d>2

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Tensor models are generalizations of vector and matrix models. They have been introduced in quantum gravity and are also relevant in the SYK model. I will mostly focus on models with a U(N)^d-invariance where d is the number of indices of the complex tensor, and a special case at d=3 with O(N)^3 invariance. The interactions and observables are then labeled by (d-1)-dimensional triangulations of PL pseudo-manifolds. The main result of this talk is the large N limit of observables corresponding to 2-dimensional planar triangulations at d=3. In particular, models using such observables as interactions have a large N limit exactly solvable as it is Gaussian. If time permits, I will also discuss interesting questions in the field: models which are non-Gaussian at large N, the enumeration of triangulations of PL-manifolds, matrix model representation of some tensor models, etc.