Living Through Four Revolutions

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I belong to the lucky generation who survived World War Two and
unexpectedly found ourselves alive and young at the dawn of four
simultaneous revolutions. We were present at the creation of four new
technologies that were to continue transforming the world for the
following sixty-five years. First revolution, Space, beginning with the
first spacecraft, the V2 rocket, which came crashing down on our heads
in London in the last year of the war. Second revolution, Nuclear
Energy, beginning with the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Third
revolution, Genomes, beginning with the experiment of Oswald Avery in
1944 which proved that the molecule DNA was the carrier of genetic
information. Fourth revolution, Computers, beginning with the first
electronic computer ENIAC which started operation in 1946. All four
revolutions burst out within two years and gave us our chance to play
small roles in big events. They gave drama and excitement to our lives.