Formulations of General Relativity (Part 2 of 4)

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The goal of this series is to collect various different formulations of General Relativity, with emphasis on four spacetime dimensions and formulations that use differential forms. The (non-exhaustive) list of formulations to be covered is per this plan:


Lecture 1): Motivations, followed by the usual Einstein-Hilbert to start with, first order Palatini, second order pure affine connection Eddington-Schroedinger.

Lecture 2) Cartan's geometry of soldering. First order Einstein-Cartan tetrad formulation, second order pure spin connection formulation, MacDowell-Mansouri formulation.

Lecture 3) Non-chiral BF-type formulations. Explicit pure spin connection Lagrangian, field redefinitions, BF plus potential for the 2-form field formulation.

Lecture 4) Chiral formulations in four dimensions. Chiral Einstein-Cartan, Plebanski formulation, pure SU(2) connection formulation, SU(2) BF plus potential for the 2-form field. Self-dual gravity. Concluding remarks.