Alvaro Alhambra

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Phd: University College London 2017

Area of Research:

Research Interests

I am interested in the interplay between quantum information and statistical and non-equilibrium physics, with a focus on methods inspired by the framework of resource theories.

This includes questions such as:

-Can we use the technical tools from quantum information to characterize the out of equilibrium fluctuations of quantum systems?

-How do statistical or thermal ensembles, as well as dissipation, emerge from the unitary dynamics of many body systems?

-What are the fundamental limitations of cooling quantum systems? Can were construct optimal cooling protocols?

-What is the role of different quantum resources, such as entanglement and of coherence, in the non-equilibrium physics of small systems?

Recent Publications

  • Finite-bath corrections to the second law of thermodynamics JG Richens, ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes Physical Review E 97 (6), 062132
  • Work and reversibility in quantum thermodynamics ÁM Alhambra, S Wehner, MM Wilde, MP Woods Physical Review A 97 (6), 062114
  • Elementary thermal operations M Lostaglio, ÁM Alhambra, C Perry Quantum 2, 52
  • Dynamical maps, quantum detailed balance, and the Petz recovery map ÁM Alhambra, MP Woods Physical Review A 96 (2), 022118
  • Fluctuating work: From quantum thermodynamical identities to a second law equality ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry Physical Review X 6 (4), 041017
  • Fluctuating states: What is the probability of a thermodynamical transition? ÁM Alhambra, J Oppenheim, C Perry Physical Review X 6 (4), 041016
  • Casimir forces on atoms in optical cavities ÁM Alhambra, A Kempf, E Martín-Martínez Physical Review A 89 (3), 033835
  • Heat-Bath Algorithmic Cooling with Thermal Operations ÁM Alhambra, M Lostaglio, C Perry arXiv preprint arXiv: 1807.07974
  • Entanglement fluctuation theorems ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry arXiv preprint arXiv: 1709.06139