Ben Albert

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Phd: University of Pennsylvania 2017

Areas of Research:

Research Interests

My research focuses on the two approaches to perturbative quantum gauge theory in the BV formalism: by regularization or by discretization. Over the past year, I have studied the interplay of these two approaches as well as their application to a variety of gauge theories and sigma models.

Recent Publications

  • The Dupont Homotopy Formula and Stellar Subdivision, Benjamin Albert, 1902.00627
  • Heat Kernel Renormalization on Manifolds with Boundary, Benjamin Albert, 1609.02220


  • Simplicial Techniques in Effective Field Theory, GAP Seminar, UAlberta
  • Hodge Theory and Effective Field Theory on Manifolds with Boundary, Quantum Field Theory and Factorization Algebras Workshop, BIRS
  • The Homological Perturbation Lemma and its Enhancements: a View Towards BV Quantization, 2018-05-15, Mathematical Physics.