Official news about, and announcements from, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Luke Santi Award presentation

Friday Feb 06, 2015

Miles Cranmer, a first-year physics student at McGill University, has earned Perimeter’s 2014 Luke Santi Memorial Award in recognition of his achievements in the classroom, in the lab, and in his community.

Tuesday Feb 03, 2015

New research has overturned a widely publicized claim about the beginnings of the universe.

Michal P. Heller

Thursday Jan 08, 2015

Perimeter researcher Michal P. Heller has created a shortcut to understand primordial matter in its most extreme state.

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

Perimeter Faculty member Lee Smolin and his collaborator, Marina Cortês, were awarded the inaugural Buchalter Cosmology Prize at the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle, Washington.

Kevin Pope demonstrates a learning activity from Perimeter's new teaching resource.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2014

The latest teaching kit from Perimeter helps turn household items into tools that explain the universe.

Eduardo Martin-Martinez

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

Visiting Fellow Eduardo Martin-Martinez has been recognized for the potential of his research into relativistic quantum information.

Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

Perimeter Faculty members Natalia Toro and Philip Schuster have won a New Horizons in Physics Prize. The $100,000 award recognizes exceptionally promising young researchers and is awarded by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, which evolved as an expansion of the Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation.

Thursday Oct 30, 2014

Perimeter Institute announces its Tensor Networks Initiative, aimed at supporting a new research approach with utility across a number of areas.

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Time flies straight ahead like an arrow, never backtracking, and a Perimeter postdoc has co-authored a Physical Review Letters paper that offers an explanation as to why.

Friday Oct 17, 2014

New research from Perimeter shows that two of the strangest features of quantum mechanics – entanglement and negative energy – might be two faces of one coin.

planck dust

Friday Sep 26, 2014

New measurements of galactic dust cast doubt on the claimed detection of gravitational waves from this past March.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2014

New work asserts that a key technique used to probe quantum systems may not be so quantum after all, according to Perimeter postdoctoral researcher Joshua Combes and his colleague Christopher Ferrie.

Raffi Budakian

Thursday Sep 11, 2014

Raffi Budakian, a new Perimeter Associate Faculty member, bridges theory and experiment with cutting-edge approaches to glimpsing the world of the very small. 

Tuesday Sep 09, 2014

Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok has been elected a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Canada.

Friday Aug 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, ISSYP! Perimeter’s theoretical physics summer camp for high school students turned 10 this year.

Thursday Aug 07, 2014

Our universe may have emerged from a black hole in a higher-dimensional universe, propose a trio of Perimeter Institute researchers in the cover story of the latest Scientific American.

Friday Jul 25, 2014

How do you get black holes and quantum mechanics into high school classrooms? EinsteinPlus shows teachers some neat new tricks.

Thursday Jul 17, 2014

Perimeter Associate Faculty member Matthew Johnson and his colleagues are working to bring the multiverse hypothesis, which to some sounds like a fanciful tale, firmly into the realm of testable science.

Cover of Science magazine from July 4, 2014

Thursday Jul 03, 2014

Pick up a pencil. Make a mark on a piece of paper. Congratulations: you are doing cutting-edge condensed matter physics. You might even be making the first mark on the road to quantum computers, according to new Perimeter research.

Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

Three members of Perimeter Institute’s faculty have been awarded Discovery Grants as part of the recent round of funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

PSI valedictorians

Wednesday Jun 25, 2014
Perimeter congratulates the fifth class to complete the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) master’s program.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

The secret to powerful quantum computing lies in a special kind of context, says new theoretical research.

Mike Lazaridis

Tuesday May 06, 2014

For his visionary contributions to accelerating leading-edge research in fundamental physics, Mike Lazaridis has been elected to the national academy of science in the UK.

Sung-Sik Lee

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

The road uniting quantum field theory and general relativity – the two great theories of modern physics – has been impassable for 80 years. Could a tool from condensed matter physics finally help map the way?

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

The Waterloo Global Science Initiative has released the Equinox Blueprint: Learning 2030, a vision for redesigning high school education to best prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.