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Kendrick Smith

Monday Dec 04, 2017

Perimeter cosmologist Kendrick Smith shares science’s richest prize as the WMAP experiment wins the 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

Monday Nov 27, 2017

Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell works with Perimeter to support education and equality in science.

Monday Nov 20, 2017

Perimeter Institute launches the Centre for the Universe, a global focal point for research into key questions in cosmology. 

Jamie Forrest of Perimeter Institute receives the award.

Thursday Nov 16, 2017

Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab lauds Perimeter for its role at the foundation of economic growth.

Monday Oct 30, 2017

Subir Sachdev has won the Lars Onsager Prize from the American Physical Society – an award that recognizes outstanding research in theoretical statistical physics.

Thursday Oct 26, 2017

Graeme Ko, a first-year physical sciences student at the University of Waterloo, has won this year’s Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement.

Thursday Oct 26, 2017

As one of six Sofja Kovalevskaja Award winners, Perimeter postdoc Matteo Smerlak will apply statistical mechanics and mathematics to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Beni Yoshida, Yin-Chen He, and Tim Hsieh

Monday Oct 02, 2017

The research pursued by three new Faculty members at Perimeter Institute will advance understanding in a highly promising field.

Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

Former IQC Director targets the problems impeding efforts to create a robust quantum computer.

ISSYP students at SNOLAB

Thursday Aug 03, 2017
High-schoolers from across the globe dive deeply into science together at Perimeter’s International Summer School for Young Physicists.
Teachers get hands-on during physics workshops at EinsteinPlus.

Monday Jul 17, 2017

How Perimeter Institute’s annual summer camp for teachers is transforming classrooms around the world.

Thursday Jun 22, 2017

The inaugural Employee Recommended Workplace Awards, based on surveys of employees, recognized Perimeter Institute for its inspiring, healthy, and family-focused environment. 

Friday Jun 16, 2017
Eighth class of Perimeter Scholars International urged to pursue truth, no matter where it takes them.
Emmy Noether

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Four talented physicists have been recruited as the next group of Emmy Noether Visiting Fellows at Perimeter Institute.

Thursday May 25, 2017

For more than 150 years, Canada has been a land of inquiry, innovation, and opportunity. That is just the beginning. The latest issue of Inside the Perimeter magazine explores the ideas and the science that have shaped – and are shaping – Canada as it turns 150.

Raymond Laflamme

Monday Apr 24, 2017

IQC Executive Director's work in quantum processing cited as among the most influential developments in the field.

Perimeter postdoctoral fellow Elliot Nelson

Wednesday Jan 18, 2017

For the third time in the award’s three years, Perimeter researchers have won two of the three Buchalter Cosmology Prizes on offer.

Inside the Perimeter Fall/Winter 2016


Tuesday Dec 13, 2016

Science is a participatory endeavour. When people from diverse backgrounds come together in the spirit of open-minded inquiry, great discoveries can be made. Yet it's not always clear where or when those breakthroughs will come.

Joscelyn van der Veen receives the Luke Santi Award from Director of Educational Outreach Greg Dick

Tuesday Dec 13, 2016

Joscelyn van der Veen, a first-year student studying mathematical physics at the University of Waterloo, has won this year’s Luke Santi Award for Student Achievement. 

Teachers at STAO use Perimeter educational resources

Tuesday Dec 06, 2016

Supported by Ontario’s Ministry of Education, Perimeter has released four new educational resources aimed at students in Grades 5 to 8.

Asimina Arvanitaki

Sunday Dec 04, 2016

Asimina Arvanitaki has won the New Horizons in Physics Prize from the Breakthrough Foundation – an award that recognizes exceptionally promising young researchers. 

Power of Ideas

Monday Nov 28, 2016

Students, teachers, and families explored the Power of Ideas exhibition at Perimeter Institute before it blazes a trail across Canada during Innovation150.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2016
Perimeter Faculty member Laurent Freidel’s new research aims to revisit and revise the very notion of space. 

Monday Nov 21, 2016

Perimeter’s Robert Myers was the only physicist based in Canada among the top scientists in Thomson Reuters’ recent citation analysis.

Jaume Gomis

Monday Nov 14, 2016

New observable identified by Perimeter researchers provides alternate route to probe certain quantum gauge theories.