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Wednesday Jun 20, 2018

Class of 30 students from 23 countries celebrate their year exploring the breadth of theoretical physics at Perimeter Scholars International

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Tuesday Jun 19, 2018

A record number of Perimeter Institute researchers have received prestigious Discovery Grants as part of the recent round of funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

W.B. Pearson Medal

Tuesday Jun 19, 2018

Perimeter PhD graduate earns top honours for her creative research

Tuesday Jun 12, 2018
Perimeter’s Educational Outreach team partners with the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and Environmental Research Advocates to bring science resources to LA teachers.

Thursday Jun 07, 2018

Perimeter lauded at national awards ceremony recognizing outstanding efforts in communication, media relations, and advancement.

Thursday May 10, 2018

Perimeter Institute is among 13 partner organizations contributing to a new national hub of astroparticle physics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Wednesday May 09, 2018

Mathematical physicist Kevin Costello has been elected a fellow in the prestigious Royal Society of London.

Monday Apr 09, 2018

Cosmologist Will Percival and mathematicians Matilde Marcolli and Ben Webster join Perimeter as Associate Faculty.

Thursday Mar 22, 2018

Perimeter’s flagship program to support and promote women physicists is being expanded thanks to funding from the Simons Foundation.

Friday Mar 16, 2018

Astrophysicist Will East joined Perimeter Institute’s faculty at a time of unprecedented discovery in his field. 

Wednesday Mar 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking’s genius and indomitable energy were an inspiration to the entire Perimeter Institute research community and to millions around the world. 

Thursday Mar 01, 2018

Perimeter Institute and Chapman University’s Institute for Quantum Studies have forged a partnership to spark new collaborations.  

Perimeter Faculty Neal Dalal stands in front of a chalkboard with equations

Thursday Feb 01, 2018

New Faculty member Neal Dalal wants to make the most of the influx of cosmological data in order to understand physics on every scale.

Wednesday Jan 31, 2018

Representatives from the G7 nations assembled at Perimeter Institute this week to plan the 2018 G7 Summit. 

Steffen Gielen and Neil Turok

Thursday Jan 11, 2018

With second- and third-prize wins, Perimeter research is recognized at Buchalter Cosmology Prizes for fourth year running.

Tuesday Jan 02, 2018

Raymond Laflamme, a founding Perimeter faculty member and longtime director of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, has been granted one of Canadas highest civilian honours.

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Wednesday Dec 20, 2017

Science typically advances in increments, but 2017 saw a huge leap as astronomers threw open a new window to the universe. That was just one story in a bustling year for science, and for Perimeter. Here’s a recap of the year’s highlights.

Tuesday Dec 12, 2017

Quantum field theorist shares $100,000 award for exceptional work by researchers under the age of 40.

Perimeter Faculty Chair Robert Myers

Friday Dec 08, 2017

Perimeter Faculty Chair Robert Myers has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential scientists for the fourth year in a row.

Kendrick Smith

Monday Dec 04, 2017

Perimeter cosmologist Kendrick Smith shares science’s richest prize as the WMAP experiment wins the 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

Monday Nov 27, 2017

Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell works with Perimeter to support education and equality in science.

Monday Nov 20, 2017

Perimeter Institute launches the Centre for the Universe, a global focal point for research into key questions in cosmology. 

Jamie Forrest of Perimeter Institute receives the award.

Thursday Nov 16, 2017

Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab lauds Perimeter for its role at the foundation of economic growth.

Monday Oct 30, 2017

Subir Sachdev has won the Lars Onsager Prize from the American Physical Society – an award that recognizes outstanding research in theoretical statistical physics.

Thursday Oct 26, 2017

Graeme Ko, a first-year physical sciences student at the University of Waterloo, has won this year’s Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement.