Guifre Vidal to Join Perimeter Institute as Senior Faculty

Prof. Vidal, a leading quantum information scientist who is currently an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, will join PI's faculty in May 2011.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Guifre Vidal to its research faculty. Dr. Vidal is currently an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane; in 2009, he accepted a visiting position as a PI Distinguished Research Chair (DRC).

In making the announcement, PI’s Director Neil Turok said, “Professor Vidal has pioneered powerful new methods for understanding large quantum systems which exhibit fascinating collective phenomena. His research combines insights from quantum information, computational physics, and condensed matter physics and lays the basis for a far more sophisticated understanding of the real quantum world around us. We are thrilled to have Guifre join us at PI – he will greatly strengthen and broaden our expertise in quantum information, field theory and condensed matter.”

Dr. Vidal works at the interface of quantum information and condensed matter physics. He has done extensive work on quantum entanglement, both with regards to quantum computing and in the broader context of many-body systems. He has developed new computational approaches, such as entanglement renormalization, to gain a better understanding of condensed matter systems.

Dr. Vidal said, “I very much look forward to starting to work as a Faculty member at Perimeter Institute. I have visited PI several times since its creation, and have always enjoyed the special atmosphere it offers to researchers. However, what finally made me decide to join the Institute was the recent inclusion of condensed matter theory as one of its core research areas.”

Dr. Vidal received his PhD from the University of Barcelona in 1999 under the supervision of Prof. Rolf Tarrach. He was a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Ignacio Cirac’s group at the University of Innsbruck in Austria from 1999 – 2002 and then worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. John Preskill at the Institute for Quantum Information at the California Institute of Technology from 2002 – 2005. He has been a professor in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland since 2005.

Dr. Vidal’s past honours include a Marie Curie Fellowship, awarded by the European Union, and a Sherman Fairchild Foundation Fellowship. He plans to arrive in Waterloo in May 2011, and will be bringing three postdoctoral researcher colleagues with him.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Vidal recently spoke with Science Watch about some of his highly-cited work. You can read that interview in Science Watch.

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