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Quantum-reduced loop gravity from the perspective of full LQG

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Quantum-reduced loop gravity is a model of loop quantum gravity, whose characteristic feature is the considerable simplicity of its kinematical structure in comparison with that of full loop quantum gravity. The model therefore provides an accessible testing ground for probing the physical implications of loop quantum gravity. In my talk I will give a brief introduction to quantum-reduced loop gravity, and examine the relation between the quantum-reduced model and full loop quantum gravity. In particular, I will focus on clarifying how the operators of the quantum reduced model are related to those of the full theory. I will show that despite their simplicity, the operators of the quantum-reduced model are simply the operators of the full theory acting on states in the Hilbert space of the quantum-reduced model. In order to pass from the full theory operators to the "reduced" operators, one only has to keep in mind that the states of the quantum-reduced model are labeled with large spins, and discard terms which are of lower than leading order in j.