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Presentation of the Equinox Communiqué

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Born from a unique, international energy summit of scientists,
engineers, entrepreneurs and future leaders from around the world, the
Equinox Communiqué offers visionary proposals for transformative action
on reducing the electricity-related emissions that drive climate change.
Through a series of mini presentations, Summit participants discuss
the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 and explain the six main recommendations
outlined in the Equinox Communiqué. These speakers lay the groundwork
for a year-long global impact phase, including the release of the
detailed and transformative Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030.
Speakers include: Jatin Nathwani, Jason Blackstock, Jakob Nygard,
Yacine Kadi, Lauren Riga, Robin Batterham, Zoë Caron, Maria
Skyllas-Kazacos, Marc McArthur, Bill Rosehart, Felipe De Leon, Kerry
Cheung, Aaron Leopold, and Cathy Foley