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Phase Shift of Gravitational Waves induced by Aberration

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The velocity of a gravitational wave (GW) source provides crucial information about its formation and evolution processes.

Previous studies considered the Doppler effect on the phase of GWs as a potential signature of a time-dependent velocity of the source. However, the Doppler shift only accounts for the time component of the wave vector, and in principle motion also affects the spatial components. In my talk I discuss the latter effect, known as “aberration” for light, for GWs and how it affects the waveform modeling of an accelerating source. I show that the additional aberrational phase shift could be detectable in two astrophysical scenarios, namely, a recoiling binary black hole (BBH) due to GW radiation and a BBH in a triple system.

Further, I discuss how adding the aberrational phase shift in the waveform templates could significantly enhance the detectability of moving sources.