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Katja Ried

Portrait de Katja Ried
Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck

Areas of Research:

• BSc in Physics at Campinas State University (Unicamp), Brazil

• MSc in Theoretical Physics, research on quantum effects in curved spacetime
Thesis: Can entanglement explain black hole entropy?
Supervisor: George E. A. Matsas
São Paulo State University (Unesp), Brazil

• PhD student in Physics (Quantum Information), research in quantum foundations
research topic: quantum causal models
Supervisor: Rob Spekkens
Perimeter Institute/ University of Waterloo, Canada

In classical statistics, causal models go beyond the usual account in terms of correlations and introduce instead the more meaningful concept of causal influences between events. Adapting these constructs to describe quantum systems instead of classical variables highlights how information is processed differently in the quantum regime. From a more formal point of view, causal models provide a unified framework that puts different relations between systems on equal footing (an extension of the Choi-Jamiolkowski isomorphism between dynamical maps and bipartite states). We are currently exploring the application of this approach to the problem of quantum process tomography in the presence of initial correlations.