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Kevin Costello

Portrait de Kevin Costello
Krembil William Rowan Hamilton Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute

Areas of Research:

Research Interests

My research uses tools from mathematics to explore string theory and quantum field theory. The long-term goal of my research is to provide rigorous constructions of (parts of) string theory with a view towards formulating string dualities in mathematical terms. My current focus is mainly on twisted forms of the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Recent Publications

  • Quantization of open-closed BCOV theory, I. Kevin Costello and Si Li. 1505.06703
  • Integrable lattice models from four-dimensional field theories, Kevin Costello, 1308.0370
  • Supersymmetric gauge theory and the Yangian, Kevin Costello, 1303.2632


  • Geometric unification from 6 dimensional physics, Banff
  • The mathematics of quantum theory (in honour of Albert Schwarz), Davis California
  • PIRSA:15040181, TBA, 2015-04-22, Superstring Perturbation Theory
  • PIRSA:14100104, A Mathematician Looks at Supergravity and AdS/CFT, 2014-10-22, Superstring Perturbation Theory
  • PIRSA:13030115, Supersymmetric gauge theory and the Yangian - continued, 2013-03-26, Colloquium
  • PIRSA:13030114, Supersymmetric gauge theory and the Yangian, 2013-03-25, Colloquium