This summer school was hosted by the Perimeter Institute on July 18 - 29, 2016.It was organized by the "It from Qubit" Simons Collaboration to promote communication and learning between the high energy physics and quantum information theory communities. The school was also held concurrently with a research workshop of the "It from Qubit" Collaboration. A great deal of material was presented at the meeting and so we have organized it here as a resource for new students who could not attend the school in person, as well as a refresher for the students who did participate in the school.

Here is a quick guide to what you will find here: For each of the lecture courses, you will find recordings of the main lectures. Most also have one or two additional focus lectures. The latter are supplementary lectures which expand on ideas or themes introduced in the main lectures. Each of these recorded lectures comes with a forum where students can ask nonexpert questions and receive expert answers (we hope!). Most of the main lectures are accompanied by problem sets and solutions. Each of these courses gives a compressed introduction to a much broader topic of research, so supplementary readings are listed with each course, for those who would like to dig deeper into the material. Finally we have also included recordings of discussion sessions and research seminars which were run as part of the workshop.

We hope that you find these resources useful. If you have any comments or questions about these pages, please, send an email

Lecture Courses


holography & quantum field theory

  1. Quantum Field Theory Basics
  2. Gravity Basics
  3. Entanglement in QFT
  4. AdS/CFT Correspondence
  5. Black Hole Information Paradox


Quantum Information

  1.  Quantum Information Basics
  2.  Entanglement
  3. Quantum Error Correction
  4. Quantum Shannon Theory
  5. Simulation of Quantum Hamiltonians
  6. Complexity
  7. Toy Models of Holography


Additional Courses

  1.  Tensor Networks
  2. Quantum Gravity and Quantum Chaos

An additional minicourse by Aaron Wall on entanglement entropy and black hole physics available here.


Workshop Activities


Discussion Sessions


Research Seminars