Using Large-Scale Structure and CMB Observations to Probe the Properties of Dark Energy

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Cosmologists are struggling to understand why the expansion rate of our universe is now accelerating. There are two sets of explanations for this remarkable observation: dark energy fills space or general relativity fails on cosmological scales. If dark energy is the solution to the cosmic acceleration problem, then the logarithmic growth rate of structure $dlnG/dlna = \Omega^\gamma$, where $\Omega$ is the matter density independent of scale in a dark matter plus dark energy model. By combining measurements of the amplitude of redshift space, $\beta = (1/b) dlnG/dlna$ with measurements of galaxy bias, $b$, from cross-correlations with CMB lensing, redshift surveys will be able to determine the logarithmic growth rate as a function of scale and redshift. I will discuss the role of upcoming surveys in improving our ability to understand the origin of cosmic acceleration.