Universal graph states from the optical frequency comb

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One-way quantum computing allows any quantum algorithm to be implemented by the sole use of single-qubit measurements. The difficult part is to create a universal resource state on which the measurements are made. We propose to use continuous-variable (CV) entanglement in the optical frequency comb of a single optical parametric oscillator with a multimode pump to produce a very large CV graph state with a special 4-regular graph. This scheme is interesting because of its potential for scalability, although issues of error correction and fault tolerance are yet to be fully addressed. Other possible physical configurations that are achievable with this scheme are related to the existence of certain bipartite edge-weighted graphs with circulant support having orthogonal adjacency matrices. If the above description fails to move you, don\'t worry, there will be pretty pictures. Joint work with N. Menicucci and O. Pfister, and with S. Severini