Towards Quantum Science Experiments with Satellites

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Space offers a very unique
environment for quantum physics experiments at regimes for distance and
velocity not possible on ground. In the recent years there have been a range of
theoretical and experimental studies towards the feasibility of performing
quantum physics and quantum information science experiments in space.


The most advanced quantum
application is quantum cryptography,  known as quantum key distribution
(QKD),  which can be extended to global distances by bringing suitable
quantum systems into space.  It is interesting to note that with quantum
satellites in Earth's orbit, we will be able to perform tests on the validity
of quantum physics and entanglement at huge length scales and velocities. This
could provide a possible route towards gaining  insights into the
interplay of quantum physics and relativity. I will review some of the
interesting quantum entanglement tests that can be performed with satellites in
space. I will also outline a proposed satellite mission that is based on
existing technology on a small-scale satellite, and could be a first important
step into this direction.