The Standard Model Effective Field Theory, and the Higgs

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The discovery of a Higgs like boson at LHC in 2012 was a development of fundamental importance in particle physics. With this newly discovered state included in theoretical predictions of scattering events,  the Standard Model can be extrapolated  to much higher experimental energies. This implies that a degree of scale separation will be present between the discovered particles of the Standard Model, and any new particles required to address the outstanding mysteries that the Standard Model leaves unanswered. As a result, interest in treating the Standard Model as a consistent Effective Field Theory (the SMEFT) has dramatically increased. This powerful theory is the state of the art in studying experimental results model independently, up to energies that LHC probes in a robust fashion experimentally. Rather remarkably, as interest in this theory has increased in recent years, a number of subtleties has also been discovered in the physics of the SMEFT.  In this talk, I will review this rapidly advancing area.