Revisiting the scalar sector in Warped Extra Dimensions

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I will revisit the phenomenology of the radion graviscalar in warped extra dimensions. This particle could be the lightest 'new physics' state to be discovered at the LHC in this type of models. Its phenomenology is very similar to the Standard Model (SM) Higgs, another potentially light scalar particle with which it could actually mix. When SM fields are moved from the boundary to the bulk of the extra dimension, new interesting effects appear in the scalar sector of the model. With a little bit of Higgs-radion mixing, it is possible to enhance importantly some decay channels of the mostly-radion scalar. Moreover, both the Higgs and the radion can now typically mediate Flavor Changing Neutral Currents at tree level. These will impose bounds on the flavor structure of the model, but also allow for interesting probes in current and future collider experiments.