Quantum Algorithms Using Clebsch-Gordan Transforms

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In nearly every quantum algorithm which exponentially outperforms the best classical algorithm the quantum Fourier transform plays a central role. Recently, however, cracks in the quantum Fourier transform paradigm have begun to emerge. In this talk I will discuss one such development which arises in a new efficient quantum algorithm for the Heisenberg hidden subgroup problem. In particular I will show how considerations of symmetry for this hidden subgroup problem lead naturally to a different transform than the quantum Fourier transform, the Clebsch-Gordan transform over the Heisenberg group. Clebsch-Gordan transforms over finite groups thus appear to be an important new tool for those attempting to find new quantum algorithms. [Part of this work was done in collaboration with Andrew Childs (Caltech) and Wim van Dam (UCSB)]