PPT pure state transformations and catalysis

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In an effort to better understand the class of operations on a bipartite system which preserve positivity of partial transpose (PPT operations), we have investigated the (non-asymptotic) transformation of pure states to pure states by operations in this class. Under local operations and classical communication (LOCC) Nielsen\'s majorization criterion provides a necessary and sufficient condition for such a transformation. This can be used to show that under LOCC a phenomenon called catalysis can occur, where an otherwise impossible transformation can be made possible by the provision of an entangled catalyst state, which must be recovered unchanged after the transformation (hence the name). I will present some recent work where we have found a necessary condition for obtaining a given pure state from a maximally entangled state via PPT operations. This condition is conjectured to be sufficient also, and we can prove this for the case where the goal state has Schmidt rank three. We have also shown that catalysis occurs under PPT operations, and have derived a necessary and sufficient condition for PPT pure state transformations where both the initial state and the catalyst are maximally entangled.