The non-relativistic limit of AdS/CFT

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Non-relativistic versions of the AdS/CFT conjecture have recently been investigated in some detail. These have primarily been in the context of the Schrodinger symmetry group. Here we talk of a study based on a different non-relativistic conformal symmetry: one obtained by a parametric contraction of the relativistic conformal group. The resulting Galilean conformal symmetry has the same number of generators as the relativistic symmetry group and thus is different from the Schrodinger group (which has fewer). One of the interesting features of the Galilean Conformal Algebra is that it admits an extension to an infinite dimensional symmetry algebra (which can potentially be dynamically realised). The latter contains a Virasoro-Kac-Moody subalgebra. We comment on realisations of this extended symmetry in a boundary field theory. We also propose a somewhat unusual geometric structure for the bulk gravity dual to any realisation of this symmetry. This involves taking a Newton-Cartan like limit of Einstein's equations in anti de Sitter space which singles out an $AdS_2$ comprising of the time and radial direction. The infinite dimensional Virasoro extension is identified with the asymptotic isometries of this $AdS_2$.