Higher length-twist coordinates and applications - effective superpotentials from the geometry of opers

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We describe joint work with L. Hollands on the geometry of the moduli space of flat connections over a Riemann surface. On the one hand, we generalize and compute certain "complexified Fenchel-Nielsen" coordinates for SL(2)-connections to higher rank using the spectral network "abelianization" approach of Gaiotto-Moore-Neitzke. We then use these coordinates to compute superpotentials, following a conjecture of Nekrasov-Rosly-Shatashvili which roughly states the following: a certain low energy effective twisted superpotential arising from compactifying a theory of class S is equal to the generating function (in the sense of symplectic geometry), in some special coordinates, of the Lagrangian submanifold of opers in the associated moduli space of flat connections.