Hidden sector dark matter: direct detection and cosmic ray anomalies

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If dark matter consists of a multiplet with small mass splittings, it is possible to simultaneously account for DAMA/CoGeNT hints of direct detection and the INTEGRAL 511 keV gamma ray excess from the galactic center; such dark matter must be in the 4-12 GeV mass range. I present scenarios where the DM transforms under a hidden SU(2) that can account for these observations. These models can be tested in low-energy beam dump experiments, like APEX. To explain PAMELA/Fermi excess electrons from dark matter annihilations, heavier TeV scale DM is required. I will present new more stringent constraints from Fermi gamma ray data that tend to rule out such models. However we find a loophole: DM annihilations in a nearby DM subhalo, between us and the galactic center, could provide the excess leptons while respecting gamma ray constraints.