Fermions, holography, and consistent truncations

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We discuss the coupling of fermions to holographic superconductors in 3+1 and 4+1 (bulk) dimensions. We do so from a top-down perspective, by considering the reduction of the fermionic sector in recently found consistent truncations of type IIB and D=11 supergravity on squashed Sasaki-Einstein manifolds, which notably retain a finite number of charged (massive) modes. The truncations in question also include the string/M-theory embeddings of various models which have been proposed to describe systems with non-relativistic scale invariance via holography. We show that the lower-dimensional effective action for the fermion modes includes certain interactions that had been discussed in bottom-up constructions, as well as a variety of new couplings that may be relevant for applications of holographic techniques to the study of condensed matter systems