Enroute to a Quantum Dynamics for Causal Sets.

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In causal set quantum gravity, spacetime is assumed to have a fundamental atomicity or discreteness, and is replaced by a locally finite poset, the causal set. After giving a brief review of causal sets, I will discuss two distinct approaches to constructing a quantum dynamics for causal sets. In the first approach one borrows heavily from the continuum to construct a partition function for causal sets.
This is illustrated in a 2-d model of causal sets, in which typicality replaces quantum probabilities. The second approach is intrinsic, and uses the quantum measure formulation in which dynamics is described in the language of measure theory and observables are measurable sets in an event algebra. Using the example of complex percolation dynamics I will show that naive attempts to carry out this process for the quantum measure may not work. I will end by discussing possible ways to address this question.