Device-independent characterizations of states used in quantum experiments

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Analyzing characteristics of an unknown quantum system in a device-independent manner, i.e., using only the measurement statistics, is a fundamental task in quantum physics and quantum information theory. For example, device-independence is a very important feature in the study of quantum cryptography where the quantum devices may not be trusted. In this talk, I will discuss the ability to characterize the state that Alice and Bob share in various physical scenarios using only the correlation data. I first give a lower bound on the dimension of the underlying Hilbert spaces required by Alice and Bob to generate a given correlation in the Bell scenario. Also, I give two properties that the Schmidt coefficients of their shared state must satisfy. I’ll provide examples showing that our results can be tight, and examine when the shared pure state is characterized completely. Lastly, I will discuss these ideas in the Prepare-and-Measure scenario. 

This is joint work with Antonios Varvitsiotis and Zhaohui Wei. 


Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 060401, 

Phys. Rev. A, to appear. (ArXiv:1606.03878),