Defects in Topologically Ordered Quantum Matter

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I will discuss recent advances in our understanding of extrinsic defects in topologically ordered states. These include line defects, where I will discuss recent developments in the classification of gapped boundaries between Abelian topological states, and various kinds of point defects, which host a rich set of topological physics. The extrinsic point defects provide a new way of realizing topologically protected ground state degeneracies, they carry projective non-abelian statistics even in an Abelian topological state and provide a new path towards universal topological quantum computation, they host a general class of topologically protected "parafermion" zero modes, and they provide an avenue towards distinguishing various symmetry-enriched topological phases. I will discuss several novel physical realizations of such point defects, and also a recent experimental proposal to realize such defects in conventional bilayer fractional quantum Hall systems.