Cosmology with Gravitational Lens Time Delays

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Strong gravitational lenses with measured time delays between the multiple images can be used to determine the Hubble-Lemaitre constant (H0) that sets the expansion rate of the Universe. An independent determination of H0 is important to ascertain the possible need of new physics beyond the standard cosmological model, given the tension in current H0 measurements. A program initiated to measure H0 to <3.5% in precision from strongly lensed quasars is in progress, and I will present the latest results and their implications. Search is underway to find new lenses in imaging surveys. An exciting discovery of the first strongly lensed supernova offered a rare opportunity to perform a true blind test of our modeling techniques. I will outline a new research program on lensed supernovae, showing their bright prospects as a competitive and unique probe of cosmology and stellar physics.