Classical Space Times from S Matrices

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in calculating S matrix elements have shown that
the malicious redundancies in non-linear

theories can be circumvented by utilizing unitarity methods in

with BCFW recursion relations. When calculating in this fashion all
of the interaction vertices

beyond the three point function can be ignored. This simplification is
especially useful in gravity

which contains an infinite number of such non-linear interactions. It is natural to
ask whether off-shell quantities, such as classical solutions, can also be generated using only the three point
vertex. In this

I will show that this is indeed the case by extracting classical solutions to
GR from on-hell two to two scattering S-matrix elements. In
so doing we will completely circumvent the action as well as the equations
of motion. The only inputs will be Lorentz invariance, the existence of a massless spin-two particle and locality. Because of the double copy
relation this implies there exists, a yet to be understood, connection between solutions to Yang-Mills theory and Gravity. I
will also

how this technique can be used to simplify calculations of higher order post-Newtonian corrections

gravitational potentials relevant to the problem of binary inspirals.