Black Holes in Loop Quantum Gravity: New Insights and Perspectives from Semiclassical Consistency

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I will argue that the recently introduced quasilocal framework for black hole mechanics (based on the form of the near horizon geometry of stationary black holes (BHs)) together with an additional assumption on the degeneracy of the area spectrum in quantum gravity (holography for non geometric degrees of freedom) leads to  agreement between the statistical mechanical treatment of quantum black holes and standard semiclassical results in BH thermodynamics.  More precisely, up to small quantum corrections, quantum black holes satisfy the following properties:  Entropy is Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, and fluctuations of the horizon area are small. Moreover, under the above assumption, an explicit correspondence between the statistical mechanical treatment of the fundamental LQG degrees of freedom and the semiclassical Euclidean path integral formulation can be explicitly established.