Affine Quantum Gravity: A Different View of a Difficult Problem

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For quantum gravity, the requirement of metric positivity suggests the use of noncanonical, affine kinematical field operators. In view of gravity\'s set of open classical first class constraints, quantization before reduction is appropriate, leading to affine commutation relations and affine coherent states. The anomaly in the quantized constraints may be accommodated within the projection operator approach, which treats first and second class quantum constraints in an equal fashion. Functional integral representations are derived for expressions both with and without constraint imposition. As with all coherent state formulations, close contact between the classical and quantum theories is maintained throughout. Perturbative nonrenormalizability is understood as a partial hard-core behavior of the interaction, which as soluble models suggest, leads to a perturbative formulation, not about the traditional free theory, but rather about a suitable pseudofree theory that properly incorporates the essence of the hard core.