Absence of Pauling's Residual Entropy in Dy2Ti2O

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The discovery of the spin-ice phase in Dy2Ti2O7 numbers among the most significant findings in magnetic materials in over a decade. The spin-ice model is based on an elegant analogy to Pauling’s model of geometrical frustration in water ice, and predicts the same residual entropy, as confirmed by numerous measurements. Melko, den Hertog and Gingras, with numerical work using a loop algorithm to speed up equilibration times, were able to determine an ordering for this system. This had not been seen experimentally observed by several groups. I will present new experimental results for the specific heat of Dy2Ti2O7, demonstrating why previous measurements were unable to correctly capture its low temperature behaviour. By carefully tracking the flow of heat into and out of the material, we observe a non-vanishing specific heat at low temperatures indicating the residual entropy does not actually agree with the Pauling value.