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Since 2002 Perimeter Institute has been recording seminars, conference talks, public outreach events such as talks from top scientists using video cameras installed in our lecture theatres.  Perimeter now has 7 formal presentation spaces for its many scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and educational outreach activities, all with advanced audio-visual technical capabilities. 

Recordings of events in these areas are all available and On-Demand from this Video Library and on Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA)PIRSA is a permanent, free, searchable, and citable archive of recorded seminars from relevant bodies in physics. This resource has been partially modelled after Cornell University's 

Accessibly by anyone with internet, Perimeter aims to share the power and wonder of science with this free library.





Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

We study correlations in fermionic systems with long-range interactions in thermal equilibrium. We prove an upper-bound on the correlation decay between anti-commut-ing operators based on long-range Lieb-Robinson type bounds. Our result shows that correlations between such operators in fermionic long-range systems of spatial dimension $D$ with at most two-site interactions decaying algebraically with the distance with an exponent $\alpha \geq 2\,D$, decay at least algebraically with an exponent arbitrarily close to $\alpha$.

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Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Group representations are ubiquitous in quantum information theory. Many important states or channels are invariant under particular symmetries: for example depolarizing channels, Werner states, isotropic states, GHZ states. Accordingly, computations involving those objects can be simplified by invoking the symmetries of the problem. For that purpose, we need to know which irreducible representations appear in the problem, and how.

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