WGSI - Equinox Summit: Education 2030

Waterloo Global Science Initiative Equinox Summit: Education 2030.
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Friday Oct 04, 2013

This episode of The Agenda will feature a panel discussion revealing insights around the WGSI communiqué.


Thursday Oct 03, 2013

This episode of The Agenda will examine how our ideas about knowledge and learning will change when our classrooms switch from books to screens.


Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

This episode of The Agenda will examine how to teach science in a way that will allow most students to be engaged by it without the fear of failure.


Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

A humorous look at worst and best practices. We’ll start with anecdotes
of bad experiences with curriculum, teaching and learning practices,
then move on to some of the best solutions ever seen. Remember, failure
is not an obstacle but an open door to better practice.


Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

This episode of The Agenda will examine the question of whether internet creates conditions which will allow for much more of learning to take place outside of traditional classrooms.


Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

A no-holds-barred examination of the end-goals of education. Higher education establishments and changing industry requirements (especially new industries) are moving the goalposts for the outcomes of K-12 education. Is the goal to create people who will do good and make the world a better place?


Monday Sep 30, 2013

A discussion between students who dared to strive for better and hacked their education to get there. They talk about their motivations, experiences, the reaction of those around them and the difference it has (or perhaps hasn’t) made to their lives.


Sunday Sep 29, 2013

This multidisciplinary panel will draw from the themes explored in the Benchmark videos to explore the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead when we envision high school education in 2030. Do we reform, redesign or reinvent? What are the critical questions that we need to be asking?