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This series consists of talks in the area of Superstring Theory.

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Tuesday Nov 21, 2006

I will discuss some ambiguities involved in using the AdS/CFT correspondence
to calculate the ultra-relativistic jet quenching parameter for quarks moving in
an N=4 super Yang-Mills thermal bath. Along the way, I will investigate the behavior of various string configurations on a five-dimensional AdS black hole

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Thursday Oct 19, 2006

In string compactifications, Kahler metrics for chiral matter fields are an essential prerequisite for the computation of soft supersymmetry breaking terms. I describe new techniques for computing these in Calabi-Yau string compactifications. This involves deducing the modular behaviour of the Kahler metric from that of the physical Yukawa couplings. Using these techniques I derive Kahler metrics for both KKLT and large-volume models. For the latter case, I discuss two applications.

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