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This series consists of talks in the area of Superstring Theory.

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Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

I will describe the emergence of geometric (Berry) phases in supersymmetric systems.
In theories with degenerate states, non-Abelian geometric phases can arise.
I show how supersymmetry helps to ensure the existence of this phenomenon by invoking the examples of systems with (2,2) and (4,4) supersymmetry. In the former, I show how instantons contribute crucially to the form of the non-Abelian phase.

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Tuesday Nov 20, 2007

We describe simple systems where stringy instantons induce dynamical supersymmetry breaking, without any non-Abelian gauge dynamics. In suitable cases, a dual description via geometric transitions allows one to recast the instanton-generated superpotential as a classical flux superpotential. These simple DSB systems may have applications in model building.

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