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Exploring AdS/CFT Dualities in Dynamical Settings - 2012

Exploring AdS/CFT Dualities in Dynamical Settings


Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

It is well known that superradiance can extract energy from a black hole and, in an asymptotically global AdS background, it drives the black hole unstable. The onset of superradiance also signals a bifurcation to a new family of AdS black holes in a phase diagram of stationary solutions. We construct non-linearly the hairy black holes, solitons and boson stars associated to scalar superradiance. We present both charged and rotating solutions with scalar hair.


Tuesday Jun 05, 2012

I will describe a new numerical effort to solve Einstein gravity in 5-dimensional asymptotically Anti de Sitter spacetimes (AdS). The motivation is the gauge/gravity duality of string theory, with application to scenarios that on the gravity side are described by dynamical, strong-field solutions. For example, it has been argued that certain properties of the quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy-ion collisions can be modeled by a conformal field theory, with the dual description on the gravity side provided by the collision of black holes.


Monday Jun 04, 2012

We study the isotropization of a homogeneous, strongly coupled, non-Abelian plasma by means of its gravity dual. We compare the time evolution of a large number of initially anisotropic states as determined, on the one hand, by the full non-linear Einstein's equations and, on the other, by the Einstein's equations linearized around the final equilibrium state. The linear approximation works remarkably well even for states that exhibit large anisotropies.