Paul McFadden

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Research Interests

Theoretical cosmology, holography, quantum and conformal field theory, gravitational physics.

Recent Publications

  • Paul McFadden, On the power spectrum of inflationary cosmologies dual to a deformed CFT, JHEP 1310 (2013) 071, arXiv: 1308.0331
  • Adam Bzowski, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis, Implications of conformal invariance in momentum space, JHEP 1403 (2014) 111, arXiv: 1304.7760
  • Adam Bzowski, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis, Holography for inflation using conformal perturbation theory, JHEP 1304 (2013) 047, arXiv: 1211.4550
  • Geoffrey Compère, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis, Marika Taylor, The relativistic fluid dual to vacuum Einstein gravity, JHEP 03(2012)076, arXiv: 1201.2678
  • Adam Bzowski, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis, Holographic predictions for cosmological 3-point functions, JHEP 03(2012)091, arXiv: 1112.1967
  • Holography for inflationary cosmology, Chapter 9 of Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology, Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 863, p. 227-271, Springer 2013.