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Perimeter Scholars International's free online learning modules enable motivated students and physics enthusiasts to study graduate-level theoretical physics independently at their own pace.  

Each learning module contains a series of exercises and lecture notes designed to supplement recorded videos. The online program is free. Register to begin PSI Online.


Quantum Field Theory I

Canonical quantization of scalar, spinor, and abelian gauge fields, perturbation theory, Feynman diagrams, applications in particle theory.

Module 2

Quantum Field Theory II

Feynman path integrals and functional integral quantization, perturbative and Wilsonian renormalization, renormalization group, non-abelian gauge theories and their quantization. 

Module 3

Condensed Matter

Computational challenges in theories of many-body systems. Encoding the lattice Hamiltonians and exact diagonalization procedure. The free particle formalism and its use as a guide in numerical simulations of many-body Hamiltonians. Entanglement and its structure in many-body wave-functions. Tensor network states including the matrix product states and projected entangled pair states; multi-scale entanglement
renormalization ansatz.