The Templeton Frontiers Conferences and Workshops

The Templeton Frontiers Program enhances and optimizes the research environment for these outstanding young scientists through sustained mentorship and full-spectrum support, through visits by established international research leaders, and through colloquia, workshops and conferences in the selected fields. Templeton Frontiers Program researchers in turn have excellent opportunities to share their research and ideas within a wider expert community well-primed to engage with them.

The following are a list of conferences held at the Perimeter Institute. 

Conference Listing:

Cosmological Frontiers in Fundamental Physics 2013 

The purpose of this informal workshop was to discuss and exchange ideas on recent developments at the interface of modern cosmology and fundamental physics.


Loops '13  

This conference, which was part of the series of Loops conferences, presented and review recent progress and highlights in loop quantum gravity and other quantum gravity approaches. There was a focus mainly on background independent approaches which are approaches that do not depend on perturbation theory formulated in a classical background.


The Templeton Frontiers Program will catalyze path-breaking research by encouraging young scientists to pursue ambitious ideas.