National Philanthropy Day

The community of Perimeter donors make an impact every day on the work that Perimeter does. On National Philanthropy Day, we are celebrating Perimeter's donors.

Thank you.


Donors support Research. Donations help Perimeter bring the best minds in the world together under one roof and support them in tackling the most challenging problems in physics. 

Watch Perimeter faculty member Luis Lehner explain the importance of the latest astronomy news from LIGO/Virgo.


Donors support Educational Outreach. Donations help support Perimeter's outreach program, which gets people get excited about science by sharing the joy and power of scientific discovery with curious minds of all ages. 

Read about the 2017 EinsteinPlus teacher camp.


Donors support The Next Generation. Brilliant young people are the vibrant heart of the Perimeter community. Donations support programs like the Perimeter Scholar's International program and the PhD program that teach students to collaborate across disciplines, tackle old problems from new angles, and aim for breakthroughs. 

See how the 2016 Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) winter camp resulted in published results.


Donors support Women in Physics. Only about 15 percent of physicists are women, but Perimeter is working to change that. Donations help support women at every stage of their careers – from high school students through to senior scientists. 

Learn more about the 2017 Inspiring Future Women in Science half-day conference at Perimeter.


Donations to Perimeter have an impact. Thank you.