Qanti-kt: Nondeterministic jet clustering

interpretation of events with jets is often ambiguous, especially for the sort
of highly complex events one encounters at the LHC.  One often finds that
an event interpreted as signal-like using one choice of jet algorithm and
radius parameter is no longer signal-like with another, even if the two are
very similar.  Here we present an extension of the Qjets procedure
designed to account for this ambiguity and assign each plausible interpretation
of an event a weight, so that events which are unambiguously signal-like carry
more influence on one's results than events which are only marginally so.
 This procedure can be used with any existing analysis employing a
sequential recombination algorithm like anti-kT and we will show that through
its use the statistical power of an analysis often increases.  In
particular, we will see that a up to a 20\% improvement in statistical
significance can be realized for a Higgs-like analysis searching for a
resonance recoiling against an associated vector boson.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 13:00 to 14:30
Space Room
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